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北京快乐8开奖网站:More than just bond funds reported good returns

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内容摘要: Yesterday, A shares showed a slight rebound, some clever funds are fought in the new market, had a fire for a while last year,convertible b...

Yesterday, A shares showed a slight rebound, some clever funds are fought in the new market, had a fire for a while last year, convertible bonds , once again caught the attention of the recent. A lot of investment includes convertible bonds Bond Fund Rich, so that investors who hold A shares gold is very envious.

Last year's underperforming bond funds were recovering. Many have done well since January 91 and investors have regained their attention to bond funds. Data show that as of February 7, the bond fund index rose 0.51%, while the long-term pure debt fund has gained 0.6% since the beginning of the year, the hybrid debt-based fund index so far this year rose 0.57%. At the same time, the average return of equity funds was -5.9%, partial shares mixed funds -4.84%.

A securities firm in Nanjing said that the company started to use convertible bonds last year to buy on "credit" basis. Coupled with the fact that some companies that issue convertible bonds are doing well in stock price performance, the yield of related funds has risen by leaps and bounds. Such as long letter convertible bonds A this year, the proceeds have been close to 8%, C convertible bonds C 6.03%. Yinhua Convertible Bonds, Chinese Convertible Bond A rose 5.91%, respectively, 5.48%.

Insiders remind that there are some opportunities for bond funds as a whole but they need to differentiate their investment direction. The current volatility of convertible bond funds is the largest at present, and pure debt funds are relatively stable. However, it should be noted that the performance of bond funds is also very large, In a lot of convertible bonds fund performance, such as China sea convertible bonds, Cathay convertible bonds also appeared loss.

"From the perspective of bond investment opportunities, most of the funds can be deployed in long-term pure debt funds, and there are opportunities at present." Nanjing private equity managers said that when the inflationary expectancy is not particularly strong, the bond fund is undergoing adjustments last year and the allocation value is emerging , The purchase of long-term pure debt fund there is a certain opportunity, after the first quarter of this year, the value of such a configuration may be more apparent, as an ordinary investor can be configured.

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